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COVID-19 Policy

Here at Tamar Fresh Ltd we understand that as an employer we have a duty to protect our Employees and Customers during the recent outbreak of COVID-19.  We are achieving it by reducing the risks which may be present in the workplace to the lowest level possible by implementing appropriate preventive measures.

These measures are:

  • We take every reasonable effort to enable our Employees to work from home. Where working from home is not possible, we ensure to comply with the social distancing guidelines set by the government – keeping people 2m apart whenever possible. We achieve this by:
    • Using floor markings,
    • Introducing one-way flow where possible,
    • Reducing movement by discouraging non- essential trips within building and sites,
    • Regulating use of high traffic areas including corridors,
    • Staggering shifts patterns and break times.
    • Creating additional spaces.

 Where social distancing guidelines cannot be followed in full (in relation to a particular activity) we are taking all necessary actions to reduce the risk of transition the virus between staff:

  • By reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using “partnering”, so each person works only with a few others.
  • Working back to back, side to side.
  • We ensure all our workers understand COVID-19 safety procedures and are kept up to date with how they are being implemented or updated:
    • Providing clear, consistent and regular communication to improve understanding and consistency of working.
    • Engaging with workers and worker representative.
    • Developing communication and training materials for workers prior returning to site.
    • Awareness and focus on the importance of mental health at times of uncertainty.
    • Using simple, clear messaging to explain guidelines using images and clear language.
    • Communicating approaches and operational procedures to suppliers, customers and trade bodies. 
  • All our employees are conduct the highest standard of personal hygiene. We achieve that by:
    • Robust internal training system,
    • Using signs and posters to build awareness of for example: good hand washing techniques, avoiding touching body parts like face, sneezing and coughing in the reusable tissue.
    • Promoting Food Safety Culture in our workplace.  

We increased a frequency of handwashing in all departments and provide hand washing facilities and sanitizer stations in multiple locations in all our buildings.

All products that we use are supplied by reputable supplier ECO LAB.

  • On a daily basis, all surfaces, workstations and equipment are cleaned and disinfected. Extra care is taken to ensure all commonly used surfaces like door handles, food trolleys, canteens, toilets are clean and disinfected after each use. 
  • We recognize that we need to protect clinically vulnerable and extremely vulnerable Employees. We asked everybody with concerning health condition to self – isolate and work from home:
    • We carefully considered who is essential to work on site.
    • We ensure only minimum number of people is working at the same place and time.
    • We are monitoring the well-being of people who are working from home and helping them to stay connected to the rest of the workforce.
    • We provide all necessary equipment for people to work from home safely and effectively.
  • We ensure that individuals who are advised to stay at home under existing government guidance do not physically come to work. This includes individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19as well as those who live in a household with someone who has symptoms.
  • We ensure to treat everyone in our workplace equally by:
    • Understanding and taking into account the particular circumstances of those with different protected characteristics,
    • Selecting employee’s representative,
    • Involving and communicating appropriately,
    • Considering any particular measures and adjustments to avoid disabled workers being put in a disadvantage.
    • Making sure that any steps taken do not have an unjustifiable negative impact on some groups compare to others.
  • We minimize the number of unnecessary visits to our buildings:
    • We encourage virtual visits where possible,
    • Scheduling only the essential services and contractors visit to reduce interaction and overlap.
    • On arrival all visitors are provided with clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene rules, and are accompanied by trained Host.
  • We ensure that all our Employees are provided with adequate Personal Protective Equipment PPE.


  • We ensure all our drivers are safe and well trained in complying with social distancing rules:
    • Only essential travel is accepted.
    • Vehicles and equipment are cleaned and sanitized on the daily basics, also between daily drops. Each driver has access to hand sanitizers when delivering.
    • Procedures in place to minimize person to person contact during deliveries.
    • Minimizing contact during payments and exchange of documentation, for example by using electronic payment methods.
  • We ensure to minimize any non – essential travel.
  • We ensure to maintain social distancing and avoiding surface transition when good arrive and leave the site:
    • Revising pick-up and drop-off points, procedures and markings.
    • Minimizing unnecessary contact during deliveries, for example by asking the delivery driver to stay in his vehicle.
    • Reduce frequency of deliveries.


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